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Definition of Wim

Wim Definition from Computer & Internet Dictionaries & Glossaries
Smart Card Terms
A SIM card that is specifically developed for the Internet. See WAP.
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WIM may refer to:
  • World Islamic Mission an international Islamic organization
  • Woman International Master, a chess title
  • Weigh in motion, a system for collecting vehicle weights while in motion.
  • WAP Identity Module, an identification protocol defined in the WAP standard
  • Wimbledon railway station, UK
  • Windows Imaging Format, a file-based disk image format
  • Woe, Is Me, a 7-member rock band from Atlanta

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Wim is a masculine given name, and may refer to:
  • Wim Anderiesen (1903–1944), Dutch footballer
  • Wim Arras (born 1964), Belgian cyclist
  • Wim Blockmans (born 1945), Professor of Medieval History at Leiden University
  • Wim Boost (1918–2005), Dutch cartoonist
  • Wim Cohen (1923–2000), Dutch mathematician
  • Wim Cool (born 1943), Dutch politician
  • Wim Crouwel (born 1928), Dutch graphic designer and typographer
  • Wim Crusio (born 1954), Dutch behavioral neurogeneticist
  • Wim De Coninck (born 1959), retired Belgian footballer
  • Wim De Decker (born 1982), Belgian football player
  • Wim De Vocht (born 1982), Belgian professional road bicycle racer
  • Wim De Waele (21st century), Belgian economist and computer scientist
  • Wim Deetman (born 1945), Dutch politician and statesman
  • Wim Delvoye (born 1965), Belgian conceptual artist
  • Wim Duisenberg (1935–2005), Dutch banker and politician
  • Wim Ebbinkhuijsen (born 1939), retired Dutch computer scientist
  • Wim Eijk (born 1953), Dutch prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Wim Eyckmans (born 1973), Belgian racecar driver
  • Wim Feyaerts (21st century), Belgian television director
  • Wim Gijsen (1933–1990), Dutch science fiction and fantasy writer
  • Wim Henderickx (21st century), Flemish classical music composer
  • Wim Hermsen (born 1947), former water polo player
  • Wim Hesterman (1897–1971), Dutch boxer
  • Wim Hof (born 1959), Dutch world record holder
  • Wim Jansen (born 1946), former Dutch football player and manager
  • Wim Jonk (born 1966), retired Dutch football player
  • Wim Kieft (born 1962), retired Dutch footballer
  • Wim Koevermans (born 1960), former football central defender
  • Wim Kok (born 1938), Dutch politician
  • Wim Kortenoeven (born 1955), Dutch politician, author and journalist
  • Wim Mertens (born 1953), Flemish Belgian composer, countertenor vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and musicologist
  • Wim Meutstege (born 1952), former Dutch football player
  • Wim Rijsbergen (born 1952), football manager
  • Wim Ruska (born 1940), retired judoka
  • Wim Schröder (born 1971), Dutch show jumping equestrian
  • Wim Schuhmacher (1894–1986), Dutch painter and designer
  • Wim Slijkhuis (1923–2003), Dutch athlete
  • Wim Soutaer (born 1974), Belgian singer
  • Wim Stroetinga (born 1985), Dutch professional racing cyclist
  • Wim Suurbier (born 1945), former Dutch football player
  • Wim T. Schippers (born 1942), Dutch artist, comedian and voice actor
  • Wim Taymans (born 1972), software developer
  • Wim Turkenburg (born 1947), Dutch academic
  • Wim van de Schilde (born 1948), former water polo player
  • Wim van der Kroft (1916–2001), Dutch canoer
  • Wim van der Veen (21st century), Dutch bowling player
  • Wim van der Voort (born 1923), Dutch former speed skater
  • Wim van Est (1923–2003), Dutch cyclist
  • Wim van Heel (1922–1972), Dutch field hockey player
  • Wim van Heumen (1928–1992), field hockey coach
  • Wim Van Huffel (born 1979), Belgian professional road bicycle racer
  • Wim van Spingelen (born 1938), former water polo player
  • Wim van Til (born 1953), retired Dutch footballer
  • Wim Vansevenant (born 1971), Belgian professional road bicycle racer
  • Wim Vriend (born 1941), former water polo player
  • Wim Wenders (born 1945), German film director, playwright, photographer and producer

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The Windows Imaging Format (WIM) is a file-based disk image format. It was developed by Microsoft to help deploy Windows Vista and subsequent versions of Windows operating system family, as well as Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs.

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