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Definition of Whitespace

Babylon English

(Computers) characters that do not appear in a printed document (such as carriage return, tabs, line feed, etc.)
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(from the colour it produces on white paper) any contiguous sequence of spaces , tabs , carriage returns, and/or line feeds. whitespace might also possibly include form feed characters. the term is common on unix.
see also non-printing character

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- Static variable in class java.awt.font.GlyphMetrics 
public static final byte WHITESPACE
Indicates a glyph with no visual representation. It can be added to the other code values to indicate an invisible glyph.
Internet Glossary
Refers to all characters that appear as blanks on a display screen or printer. This includes the space character, the tab character, and sometimes other special characters that do not have a visual form (for example, the bell character and null character).

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Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
White space or whitespace may refer to:
  • White space (visual arts), portions of a page left unmarked
  • Space (punctuation), the space between two words of text
  • Whitespace character, a computer character for the space between words
  • White spaces (radio), allocated but locally unused radio frequencies
  • White Space (management), an area where no one is responsible
  • Whitespace (programming language), an esoteric programming language
  • The White Space, a 2009 drama film

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