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Definition of Vara

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JM Latin-English Dictionary
bent-outwards; bandy; bow-legged; contrasting
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
A Spanish measure of length equal to about one yard. The vara now in use equals 33.385 inches.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. About
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\va"ra\ (?), n. [sp. see 1st vare.] a spanish measure of length equal to about one yard. the vara now in use equals 33.385 inches. 's cyc.
n : a spanish unit of length (about a yard) having different values in different localities

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 tibia vara 
WordNet 2.0

1. a Spanish unit of length (about a yard) having different values in different localities
(hypernym) linear unit
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Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
The Omroepvereniging VARA , the VARA Broadcasting Association, is a Dutch public broadcasting association that operates within the framework of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system . The association was founded in 1925 as the Vereeniging van Arbeiders Radio Amateurs (Association of Worker Radio Amateurs). The name was changed to Omroepvereniging VARA in 1957 and is no longer an acronym.

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Vara or VARA may refer to:

  • Armando Vara (born 1954), Portuguese politician
  • Julián Vara (born 1983), Spanish footballer
  • Kathy Vara, American television anchor
  • Shailesh Vara, British Conservative Party politician

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Vara Definition from Religion & Spirituality Dictionaries & Glossaries
Vara (Avestan) War (Pahlavi) Baru (Persian) An enclosure, vehicle; the ark or argha of the Avesta. In the Vendidad, after Yima enlarged the earth three times, he assembled the excellent mortals and gods. Yima was instructed to make a vara two miles long on every side, and to bring there the seeds of sheep, animals, men, fires, and plants: "Thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of tree, of the greatest, best, and finest kinds on this earth; thither thou shalt bring the seeds of every kind of fruit, the fullest of food and sweetest of odour. All those seeds shalt thou bring, two of every kind, to be kept inexhaustible there, so long as those men shall stay in the Vara" (Farg. 2:28).
The similarity of this allegory to Hebrew and certain Hindu writings is obvious, and from the standpoint of humanity on earth, "Those 'men' in the 'Vara' are the 'Progenitors,' the heavenly men or Dhyani, the future Egos who are commissioned to inform mankind. For 'Vara,' or the 'Ark' (or again the Vehicle) simply means man. . . .
". . . Vara meant the man of the Fourth Round, as much as the Earth of those days, the moon, and even Noah's ark, if one will so have it . . ." (SD 2:291-2). See also KARSHIPTA 
Vara (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root vri to choose] Superior, choice, excellent.