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Definition of Statute of limitations

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law that determines the time frame within which a particular offense can be prosecuted
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statute of limitations
n : a statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken
statute of limitations
(law), a statute assigned a certain time, after which rights can not be enforced by action...
see statute

WordNet 2.0

1. a statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken
(hypernym) law
(classification) law, jurisprudence
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Dictionary of Real Estate Terms
The time period to file a law suit to enforce a claim or it is barred by law.
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Statutes of limitations are written laws passed by a legislative body in common law systems to restrict the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings may be initiated. Once the period of time specified in a statute of limitation passes, a claim can no longer be validly filed. The intentions of these laws can facilitate the resolution in a reasonable amount of time. In civil law systems, similar provisions are typically part of the civil code or criminal code and are often known collectively as periods of prescription. There are very strict guidelines, but the cause of action dictates the statute of limitations on a civil case, where contracts, personal injury, libel and fraud cases legal or equitable remedy. These statutes can be reduced or extended to ensure a fair trial. Once a statute in a criminal actions case expires the court no longer has jurisdiction to punish the defendant.

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Law Dictionary
Any law that fixes the time within which parties musttake judicial action to enforce rights or else be thereafter barred fromenforcing them. The enactment of such laws derives from the belief that thereis a point beyond which a prospective defendant should no longer worry aboutfuture possibility of an action against him, that the law disfavors "staleevidence," and that no one should be able to "sit on his rights" for anunreasonable time without forfeiting claims.
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The Glossary of the American Council on Science and Health
1. A law that in certain cases specifies a period outside which filing a lawsuit and/or punishing a transgression is not permitted legally. 2. The period that such a law specifies.