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Definition of Sexual reproduction

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reproduction by having sexual intercourse, mating, fertilization and reproduction
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Common Terms in Evolutionary Biology and Genetics
Reproduction requiring the union of sex cells (gametes) which are themselves products of meiotic division. Each offspring has a unique genetic composition due to independent assortment of chromosomes during meiosis, recombination and union of gametes.
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Sexual reproduction is a process that creates a new organism by combining the genetic material of two organisms. It occurs in eukaryotes.  Prokaryotes display processes similar to sex (mechanisms for lateral gene transfer such as conjugation, transformation and transduction), but they do not lead to reproduction. Prokaryotes reproduce through asexual reproduction. In multicellular eukaryote organisms, an individual is created anew; in prokaryotes, the initial cell has additional or transformed genetic material. In a process called genetic recombination, genetic material (DNA) originating from two different individuals join up so that homologous sequences are aligned with each other, and this is followed by exchange of genetic information. After the new recombinant chromosome is formed, it is passed on to progeny.

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WordNet 2.0

1. reproduction involving the union or fusion of a male and a female gamete
(synonym) amphimixis
(hypernym) reproduction
(hyponym) anisogamy
(member-meronym) amphimixis