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Definition of Medina

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city in Saudi Arabia, city where Muhammad was first accepted as the supreme prophet of Allah; city in northern Ohio (USA); city in western New York (USA)
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 medina epoch 
English Slang Dictionary v1.2
1. said to be an aphrodisiac:"Funky col' medina" -- Tone Loc (Funky cold medina [1989])
2. nickname for Brooklyn
3. one of the three holy cities in Islam
WordNet 2.0

1. a city in western Saudi Arabia; site of the tomb of Muhammad; the second most holy city of Islam
(synonym) Al Madinah
(hypernym) city, metropolis, urban center
(part-holonym) Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1. the ancient quarter of many cities in northern Africa
(hypernym) quarter
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Australian Post Codes
Locality : MEDINA
State: WA
US Zip Codes
State: OHIO
State: TEXAS
Australian GPS + Postcode Town Index
WA -32.2325 115.80194 6167
Area Code International
Saudi Arabia 966-4
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For the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia, see Medina. For other uses, see Medina (disambiguation)''

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Medina (; , officially , "the radiant city", or , also officially transliterated as Madinah by the Saudi Government and in modern Islamic literature generally) is a modern city in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia, and the capital of Al Madinah Province. An alternative name is Madinat Al-Nabi ("The City of the Prophet", i.e., Muhammad). The Arabic word madinah simply means "city". Before the advent of Islam, the city was known as Yathrib but was personally renamed by Muhammad.

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TUPAC SHAKUR Rap Dictionary V.2.0
(n) Second most holy city of Islam; Nickname for Brooklyn.
1) (n) Said to be an aphrodisiac. "Funky col' medina" -- Tone Loc (Funky cold medina [1989]) 2) (n) Nickname for Brooklyn. 3) (n) One of the three holy cities in Islam (n) One of the three holy cities in Islam
Rap-music terminology and bios of artists
(n) Second most holy city of Islam; Nickname for Brooklyn.
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Official Islam Glossary for Introduction to Religion
Originally called Yathrib, in 622 the elders of this town asked Mohammed to come and govern them. He agreed on the conditions that they accept him as a Prophet and allow him to bring his followers. Mohammed governed this town until his death in 632. During his stay, the town came to be known as Medinat al-Nabi ("City of the Prophet"), or Medina for short. The Moslem exodus to Medina is known as the hijra . The year of the hijra, 622, became the first year of the Moslem calendar. Since Mohammed was buried in Medina, it is considered the second most holy city in Islam, after Mecca .