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Definition of Kbaud

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Fiber Optics, Optical Networking Terms
One thousand bits of data per second.
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In telecommunication and electronics, baud (, unit symbol "Bd") is synonymous to symbols per second or pulses per second. It is the unit of symbol rate, also known as baud or modulation rate; the number of distinct symbol changes (signaling events) made to the transmission medium per second in a digitally modulated signal or a line code. Baud is related to but should not be confused with gross bit rate expressed as bits per second, bps, b/s, bit/s or bits/s. However, though technically incorrect, in the case of modem manufacturers baud commonly refers to bits per second. They make a distinction by also using the term characters per second (CPS). In these anomalous cases, refer to the modem manufacturers documentation to ensure an understanding of their use of the term "baud". An example would be the 1996 User's guide for the U.S. Robotics Sportster modem, which includes these definitions.

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