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Definition of Kallipolis

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Callipolis is the Latinized form of Kallipolis, which is Greek for "beautiful city", from κάλλος kallos (beauty) and πόλις polis (city). It was the name of several ancient cities, notably:
  • Kallipolis, Caria - in Caria, Anatolia
  • Kallipolis - a Hellespont-port on the Thracian Chersonesus, the modern Gallipoli
  • Callipolis, Calabria - in Calabria, southern Italy, a port on a peninsula into the Tarentine Gulf
  • Callipolis (mythology) - In Greek mythology, Callipolis was a son of Alcathous, son of Pelops
  • "Kallipolis" is also the word Socrates uses for his utopia in Plato's dialogue The Republic (Plato).

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