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Definition of Forlong

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Middle-earth v2.2b
The old Lord of Lossarnach.
The Lord of the lands of Lossarnach, the region to the immediate southwest of Minas Tirith, who was famed for his enormous girth (he was referred to as Forlong the Fat). Though he was an old man at the time of the War of the Ring, he rode with two hundred of his men to the aid of the City of Gondor, and lost his life in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
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JM Welsh <=> English Dictionary
Rhawg = adv. for a long while
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Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
James George Roche Forlong (6 November 1824 – 29 March 1904) was a Major General of the Indian Army who trained as an engineer in Scotland and England. He joined the Indian Army in 1843 later filling various posts including that of Secretary and Chief Engineer to the government of Oudh. Exposure to Indian religions while doing missionary work led him to abandon his Christian faith, and into some very heterodox ideas about religious origins, including those of the ancient Hebrews. These found expression in his massive work of comparative religion, Rivers of Life, with its markedly sexual, some would say blasphemous, interpretation of religious rites and symbolism. He was an Honorary Associate of the Rationalist Press Association, to which he left a sum of money in his will. He died in 1904.

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