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Definition of Flexion

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act of bending; curvature; curve, bend; bent state; bent state of a limb or joint; inflection (Grammar)
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\flex"ion\ (?), n. [l. flexio: cf. f. flexion.]
1. the act of flexing or bending; a turning.
2. a bending; a part bent; a fold.
3. (gram.) syntactical change of form of words, as by declension or conjugation; inflection. express the syntactical relations by flexion. w. hamilton.
4. (physiol.) the bending of a limb or joint; that motion of a joint which gives the distal member a continually decreasing angle with the axis of the proximal part; -- distinguished from extension.
n : act of bending a joint; especially a joint between the bones of a limb so that the angle between them is decreased [ant: extension]

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Crymaint = n. a flexion
Troad = n. a turning; a flexion
WordNet 2.0

1. the state of being flexed (as of a joint)
(synonym) flexure, flection
(hypernym) physiological state, physiological condition
2. deviation from a straight or normal course
(synonym) inflection, flection
(hypernym) deviation, divergence, departure, difference
3. act of bending a joint; especially a joint between the bones of a limb so that the angle between them is decreased
(synonym) flexure
(antonym) extension
(hypernym) bending
(hyponym) flex
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Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
In anatomy, flexion (from the Latin verb flectere, to bend) is a joint movement that decreases the angle between the bones that converge at the joint. For example, your elbow joint flexes when you bring your hand closer to the shoulder. Flexion is typically instigated by muscle contraction. A muscle that flexes a joint is called a flexor.

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Dictionary of Medicine (Shahram)
The process of bending or the state of being bent. Flexion of the fingers results in a clenched fist.