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Definition of Firangi

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straight-bladed sword; the hilts were padded and fitted with spiked pommels
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This article is about the television channel. For the terms used to refer to foreigners, see Firang, Farang or Farangi.
Firangi TV is a channel from the Sahara One Media, one of India's media giants based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The channel would air global soap operas dubbed in Hindi. FIRANGI due to be launched on February 25, 2008, would air bold and contemporary TV shows from Europe, North America, South America and Asia, dubbed in Hindi. The target audience for channel is aimed at 20-40 year olds residing in northern and western India. It would be a departure from the commonly shown soap operas with similar storylines but would instead show sitcoms, short stories, adventure series and even movies. Most of the serials would be of one hour duration unlike Indian serials which are normally of 30 minutes playing time.

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