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Definition of Diwan

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Locality : DIWAN
State: QLD
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QLD -16.18458 145.42444 4873
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Dewan, Diwaan or Divan may refer to:
  • The Persian word Dewan or Divan (دیوان), with a range of meanings:
    • "book"
      • The Diwan or Girgam, a record of the Kanem Empire
      • Diwan (poetry), a collection of Persian, Arabic, or Urdu poetry
        • hence, Diwani, a calligraphic variety of the Arabic script
        • Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi by Rumi
        • Goethe's West-östlicher Diwan
        • Diwan (Nasir Khusraw) by Nasir Khusraw
    • Divan, an oriental high governmental body, such as the Imperial council in the former Ottoman Empire and its successor states
      • Diwan-khane, guest house of the tribal chieftain in the tribal Middle Eastern, Arab, Persian, or Kurdish society
      • Diwan (title) (dewan or divan), a number of Middle Eastern titles used in various languages for high officials, especially of cabinet rank, or as a rank of high nobility in South Asia
        • List of Diwans of Mysore
        • Diwan Mohanlal, a Diwan of Siraj Ud Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal at Murshidabad
        • ad hoc Divan (Romanian history)
      • Chief Khalsa Diwan, a Sikh religious organization
    • Divan (furniture), a kind of couch
      • A box-spring or divan bed
    • Divan, traditional festival of the Bunjevci people in Hungary
  • Diwan -Clan of pathans (ancient land lords)found in villages near by eastern UP and Bihar,
  • Diwan, a Breton word, meaning "germination"
    • Diwan (school) is a federation of schools teaching in Breton language in Brittany
  • as a surname
    • Muneeb Diwan (born 1972), Canadian cricket player. He is a right-handed batsman
    • Diwan Bahadur

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Diwân is a studio album released in 1998 by Franco-Algerian raï artist Rachid Taha. In contrast to his earlier releases, Diwân contains less rock and punk music, and features more traditional Arabic instruments. Many of the songs are about the founding fathers of raï music, and the lyrics are in Arabic and French.

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WordNet 2.0

1. a Muslim council of state
(synonym) divan
(hypernym) privy council
2. a collection of Persian or Arabic poems (usually by one author)
(synonym) divan
(hypernym) anthology
3. a Muslim council chamber or law court
(synonym) divan
(hypernym) boardroom, council chamber