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Definition of Consent order

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Environmental Engineering (English ver.)
A legal agreement reached between the District and an alleged violator as a means to resolve a violation of District rules. A Consent Order contains three major elements: (1) Findings of Fact, which describes the events leading up to the discovery of the violation; (2) Conclusions of Law, which specifies which laws were violated as a result of the activities conducted; and (3) Corrective Actions, which addresses time frames and steps to be taken by the violator to correct the situation and usually includes a monetary penalty. The Consent Order is signed by the violator and the Executive Director and becomes effective upon approval of the Governing Board.
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Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
A consent decree (also referred to as a consent order or stipulated judgment or agreed judgment) is a final, binding judicial decree or judgment memorializing a voluntary agreement between parties to a suit in return for withdrawal of a criminal charge or an end to a civil litigation. In a typical consent decree, the defendant has already ceased or agrees to cease the conduct alleged by the plaintiff to be illegal and consents to a court injunction barring the conduct in the future. A consent judgment can also memorialize payment of damages. Sometimes the defendant expressly does not admit to fault, illegality or damages. Consent decrees are used most commonly in criminal law and family law. They are frequently used by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. They are sometimes used in antitrust law and labor law.

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