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Definition of Bir

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Operates mini-mills producing steel and steel products, including rounds, bars, flats, strips and steel rod and wire; And onws equity interest in a scrap collection and processing operation.
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Bureau International de la Recuperation
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Bir or BIR may refer to:
Proper Names (Bir)
  • Bir, Himachal Pradesh, town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh
  • Bir Ma'in, a Palestinian Arab village in the District of Ramla
  • Bir Ghbalou District, a district of Bouïra Province, Algeria
  • Bir Moghrein Airport, an airport serving Bir Moghrein, a city in the Tiris Zemmour region of Mauritania
  • Bir Salim, a Palestinian Arab village in the District of Ramla
  • Bir Tawil, a small area along the border between Egypt and Sudan which is claimed by neither country
  • Bir Tibetan Colony, Tibetan refugee settlement in the town of Bir in Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Bir Tungal, Hill area in Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Beed, Maharashtra, India, also known as Bir
  • Birecik, town on the Euphrates in Turkey, also known as Bir
  • Bir (Mezarkabul album)
  • Bir (Hepsi album), an album released by Hepsi in Turkey in April 2005
  • Rosette Bir (1926–1992), French sculptor

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Beed (, ) is a city located in central Maharashtra state of India. It is administrative headquarters and the largest city with a population of 138,091 in Beed district. Calculated population of 2012 is 162,805. It ranks 295th in population in India as of 2001 census. Nearly 36% of the district’s urban population lives in the city alone. It has witnessed roughly 23% population growth during 1991 – 2000 decade.

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