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Definition of Bgl

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The abbreviation BGL has several meanings:
  • Licence plate code of the district Landkreis Berchtesgadener Land, Germany
  • Blue Gene/L, a supercomputer architecture
  • Boost Graph Library
  • Bulgarian lev, the old ISO 4217 currency code for the currency of Bulgaria (replaced by BGN in 1999)
  • B. G. L. Swamy, a Kannada language writer
  • Blood glucose level, a measure of the level of glucose in the blood, often used to diagnose and monitor diabetic individuals.
  • BGL Bank S.A. (Banque Générale de Luxembourg), the trading name of Fortis Bank Luxembourg, following the re-capitalisation.
  • Bombe Guidée Laser, a French made Semi-Active Laser Homing (SALH) guided bomb family similar to the US Paveway II.
  • BGL, an artist collective composed of Jasmin Bilodeau (born: 1973), Sébastien Giguère (born: 1972), Nicolas Laverdière (born: 1972)
  • BGL Group, a financial services company based in Peterborough, England

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